Laboratory for Renewable Energies (PV, WIND, HYDRO, ORC, etc.)

The CREI Ven laboratory for Renewable Energies is able to provide certification of systems within the following fields:

  • photovoltaic
  • wind
  • mini-hydroelectric
  • ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle)

Our staff can work at our own sites, where controlled electronic sources with a power of up to 800 kVA are available, or at the client´s premises, or at installation sites.

With our expert personnel and our modern equipment we can qualify power inverters and rotating generators, starting from low power levels (hundreds of watts), up to megawatts.

We have:

  • Precision grid simulators, from 30 kilowatts up to 0.8 megawatts (Vmax = 690 V)
  • Photovoltaic simulators starting from hundreds of watts up to 0.5 megawatts (Vmax = 1200 V, Imax = 1080 A)
  • A further AC power supply line (0.8 megawatts) available, also for the use of any specialised AC or DC simulators.
  • LVRT/OVRT tests (Low/High Voltage Ride Through) for high-powered systems
  • Anti-islanding tests with resonant loads of up to 0.8 megawatts available
  • High-precision power measurement tools, to carry out tests in full compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Precision current transducers (Imax = 2,000 A) available

Tests to check conformity of generation systems with various international grid codes:
The assessment of conformity to grid codes requires the availability of adequate bidirectional grid simulators that are able to control the line parameters (tension, frequency) and to assess the behaviour of generation systems under various electrical conditions. The most common requirements concern the assessment of power quality (harmonics and flicker), checking of the live operating range and of the frequency, connection and reconnection tests, checking of reactive power capability, checking of active and reactive power control (in local and remote logic), LVRT / OVRT tests (Low/High Voltage Ride Through), checking of islanding (anti-islanding).

We support certification for grid codes of various countries (e.g. European standards, UL standards for North America)

Efficiency of electrical conversion and of control systems:
In order to qualify power electronic systems, we carry out measurements of the conversion efficiency, in compliance with European and international standards, up to a power of 0.8 megawatts. We also carry out efficiency measurements of control algorithms (MPPT), using our photovoltaic simulators, up to a power of 0.5 megawatts. Precision is guaranteed by the use of high-precision measurement tools and current transducers.

Electromagnetic compatibility tests:
We carry out emission and immunity-to-interference measurements on power inverters used in renewable energy systems. In particular, in order to assess conducted radio interference, we have LISN operating up to a current of 1,000 A. The proven experience of our staff, which spans several decades, means that we can support your companies in the difficult operations for EMC calibration of your products.

Electrical safety tests:
Our electrical safety laboratory carries out electrical safety assessments of power systems used in renewable energy systems, and carries out compliance tests with various European and international standards, with the availability of controlled power sources of up to 0.8 megawatts. It also carries out tests for greater powers at clients´ premises or at the installation sites.
Our activities for EN, IEC and UL standards allow your products access to various international markets.

Tests and services