The CREI Ven test laboratory is equipped with the most modern tools in compliance with the legislation and with controlled power sources of up to 0.8 megawatts, and has areas for the execution of the following tests:

• fault tests
• power consumption measurements
• heating tests
• leakage current tests
• dielectric strength tests up to 6 kV in AC
• resistance to earth measurements
• insulation resistance measurements
• testing in dust chamber for IP5X and IP6X tests, with or without depression
• area for IPX1 to IPX7 testing
• area for tests on insulation materials 

Our staff can work at our sites or at the client´s premises, or at installationsites.

The laboratory is accredited by ACCREDIA for tests onhousehold appliances, and for the professional and industrial sectors. Thelaboratory operates within the CB scheme (IECEE) and permits achievement of CBcertification. The laboratory is also recognised for verification of conformitywith various UL standards.

Tests and services