The present

What Crei-Ven can do for you

Proud of its pastand constantly striving to meet its goals, our company today offers servicesfor certification, training, research and high-level consultancy fortechnological innovation.

We have the knowledge, skills and tools required to provide global solutions tomeet your needs for the development of new products and their introduction oninternational markets.


We can support and strengthen the work of your teams at all stagesof product development, to identify and remedy critical aspects during theplanning stage, to identify and understand the applicable regulations andevolving standards, and to help you optimise timelines and costs.

Our constant attention to all the aspects that enable a product to enternational and international markets has prompted us to develop regulatoryconsultancy services in view of specific requests for this. We can help youidentify the standards that apply to your products for both the European marketand other international countries.

The main sectors inwhich we operate are as follows:

  • Electromagnetic compatibility
  • Radio Tests
  • Electrical Safety
  • Renewable Energies