With skills, experience and professionalism, as well as the most modern and compliant with regulations instruments, Kiwa Creiven performs accredited laboratory tests in accordance with the LVD 2014/35/EC Directive for the evaluation of the Safety of Electrical Products.

Electrical product testing and evaluation services conducted by Kiwa Creiven according to the LVD Directive (2014/35/EC) are aimed at manufacturers of multiple types of appliances and consumer goods, including:

  • Household and similar electrical appliances
  • Information technology and office equipment
  • Power conversion equipment (inverters) used in renewable energy systems
  • Electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use
  • Automatic electrical equipment for command and control
  • Static uninterruptible power systems (UPS)
  • Electromedical equipment
  • Lighting equipment
  • Associated machines and panels
  • Electrical toys

The experience and the professionalism of Kiwa Creiven and its specialized staff, allow producers of any kind to entrust a competent body with the assessment of electrical products, both for consumer and professional use. In fact, Kiwa Creiven, with a consolidated experience in Testing and Certification of electrical products, works in collaboration with its customers, allowing a fast access to the market.

Kiwa Creiven's test laboratory is equipped with the most modern instruments compliant with the regulations as well as with controlled sources up to 0.7 megawatts. The tests performed are the following:

  • Failure tests
  • Electrical absorption measurements
  • Heating tests
  • Leakage current tests
  • Dielectric strength tests
  • Earth resistance measurements
  • Insulation resistance measurements
  • IP tests
  • Test on insulating materials

Among the services offered by the Laboratory Kiwa Creiven:

  • Tests and verifications with reference to EN / IEC standards
  • Tests and verifications for the release of the CE marking
  • Analysis and certification of safety software
  • CB certificates (IECEE scheme)
  • Tests and verifications for the release of various European and International certification marks
  • Pre-conformity tests

With a highly specialized staff and more than ten years of experience, Kiwa Creiven ensures the execution of testing activities in accordance with the needs of companies and organizations, offering a complete and personalized portfolio of accredited services for its customers. Moreover, thanks to its ability to analyse non-conformities in a timely manner, Kiwa Creiven is able to solve even the most challenging situations in a very short time.

The high reputation obtained over the years, a guarantee of competence and professionalism, makes the laboratory a partner for progress, which, thanks to the flexibility in the provision of services, allows companies to introduce on the market even the most innovative products very quickly.

Furthermore, direct participation in the development of standards for the sectors in which it operates, allows Kiwa Creiven to be constantly aware of the most recent regulatory updates and to be considered by companies and organizations as a point of reference in the Italian and International panorama for electrical activities.