Kiwa Creiven offers Product Certification  services and proposes itself to the market as a unique partner to guarantee reliability, quality and performance, according to the main international standards.

The Product Certification services offered by Kiwa Creiven are aimed at manufacturers of many types of appliances and consumer goods, including electrical and radio equipment as well as equipment for the energy sector.

Over the years, Kiwa Creiven has worked on countless types of products, and this has allowed the deepening of methodologies useful to solve technical and management problems that often raise doubts and uncertainties in those who have to realize new products. Specifically, Kiwa Creiven offers Product Certification services according to:

  • 2014/30/EU Directive - Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)  
  • 2014/53/EU Directive - Radio Equipment (RED)
  • Voluntary Certification of Renewable Generators according to several national grid codes
  • FCC – designation number IT0014, Part15, Subpart B: Unintentional Radiators

In addition, Kiwa Creiven operates as a CB Testing Laboratory (CBTL) for the following product categories:

  • EMC - Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • HOUS - Equipment for domestic and similar use
  • MED - Electromedical equipment
  • OFF - Information technology equipment
  • PV - Photovoltaic technologies

Kiwa Creiven operates as EU Notified Body for the certification according to the Directives and as ACCREDIA accredited Certification Body (according to UNI EN ISO/IEC 17065:2012) for the certification of generators.

The strength of the work carried out by Kiwa Creiven for Product Certification is represented by the synergy of the different services that ensure competent and integrated evaluations, taking care of the developments in relation to the applicable directives and standards.

In Kiwa Creiven, manufacturers find an organization capable of carrying out tests and inspections in a structured way, maintaining relations with a single contact person.

EMC and RED Certification: a service for all manufacturers of Electrical and Radio Equipment

Directive 2014/30/EU for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) allows the use of the Notified Body to affix the CE marking and in order to demonstrate that a recognized third party has ascertained compliance with the essential health and safety requirements set out in the directive.

Similarly, Directive 2014/53/EU radio equipment (RED) provides for certification, with the intervention of the Notified Body, if the manufacturer has not applied the harmonized standards or has applied them in part.

The possibility of entrusting a competent body with the assessment of electrical products for consumer and professional use is an advantage that manufacturers can take advantage of by turning to the experience and professionalism of Kiwa Creiven and its specialized staff. On the website of the European database NANDO (New Approach Notified and Designated Organizations) it is possible to view the Notification that attests the authorization of Kiwa Creiven to the issue of CE certificates.

Inverters and Generators’Certification: a key service for all manufacturers of energy equipment

Inverters are the essential energy conversion element of renewable energy production plants. The passport to the sale and installation of the inverter is the certification in accordance with the rules of the distribution network (grid code) of the country of destination.

Kiwa Creiven is able to offer Certification of Generators for parallel connection to the low and medium voltage electricity distribution network according to the main connection standards for European and International countries.