Accredited tests

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What accreditationis

Accreditation means the recognition of the laboratory´s suitability tocarry out specific test methodologies, and represents an indication of thelaboratory´s technical and managerial competence.

IEC/IECEEaccredited tests (CB Scheme)

Crei-Ven operates as a CB TESTING LABORATORY (CBTL)for the following categories:

  • HOUS: household appliances and similar
  • OFF: information technology equipment
  • EMC: electromagnetic compatibility
  • MED: electromedical devices

Tests accredited byACCREDIA

The Crei-Ven laboratories of Electromagnetic Compatibility,Electrical Safety and Renewable Energies are accredited by ACCREDIA tocarry out electrical testing using approximately 200 different methods.

Accredia - Italian National Accreditation Body
Department of Testing Laboratories

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