Electrical safety

CREI Ven: the ideal partner for global recognition of the certification of your products

CREI Ven boasts solid experience in testing and certifications of electrical products. It operates in collaboration with its clients, enabling rapid access to the market. It participates in the development of European and international technical standards for product safety.


CREI Ven combines speed, flexibility and the proven skills of its staff, which are distinctive features of its facilities, with the most prestigious accreditations. Thanks to the CB scheme, it can also enable rapid access to international markets. These features make CREI Ven the ideal partner for dealing with the certification of electrical products.

Our services include:

  • Tests and checks with reference to EN, IEC, UL standards
  • Tests and checks for issuing of CE marking
  • Analysis and certification of safety software
  • CB certificates
  • Tests and checks for the issuing of various European and international certification marks
  • Pre-conformity tests


Tests carried out with reference to multiple types of product, including:

  • Household appliances and similar
  • Information Technology and office equipment
  • Power conversion equipment (inverters) used in photovoltaic systems
  • Electrical measurement and control equipment and equipment for use in laboratories
  • Automated electrical command and control equipment
  • Uninterruptible power supply systems (UPS)
  • Electromedical devices
  • Lighting equipment
  • Associated machinery and panels
  • Electric toys





Our Electrical Safety laboratory