Electromagnetic compatibility

A singleservice provider: customised technicalsolutions and immediate access to theglobal market

Theelectromagnetic compatibility laboratory isequipped with large, modernanechoic chambers, and is fitted out with the mostmodern tools, in compliancewith the legislation in force.

The CREI Ven EMC laboratory can count upon 20 years of experience. Itsesteemedreputation is a guarantee of our work. Thanks to reduced testingtimes and flexibilityin the provision of the service, we can enablerapid access to the market.The technical expertise we have gained overtime allows us to resolveeven the most demanding situations. Weparticipate directly in thedevelopment of electromagnetic compatibilitystandards. Therefore, we can provideyou with the best information onthe most recent changes inlegislation.

Our servicesinclude:

  • Tests and checks with reference to CEI, EN, IEC, FCC standards
  • CE marking
  • CB certificates
  • Tests in situ at clients´ premises
  • Conformity with MIL-STD-461/462 standards
  • Pre-conformity tests
  • Regulatory and planning consultancy

Testscarried out with reference to multiple types ofproduct, including:

  • Household appliances and similar
  • Information Technology and office equipment
  • Power conversion equipment (inverters) used in photovoltaic systems
  • Electrical measurement and control equipment and equipment for use in laboratories
  • Automated electrical command and control equipment
  • Uninterruptible power supply systems (UPS)
  • Electromedical devices
  • Lighting equipment
  • Associated machinery and panels
  • Electric toys
  • Motorised vehicles
  • Electric vehicles