Our facility has laboratories for Electromagnetic Compatibility, Electrical Safety and for Renewable Energies, equipped to carry out measurements of conformity with European directives and international technical standards, staffed with high-level personnel whose experience spans several decades, and with an organisation able to ensure that activities are carried out within previously agreed timescales. Its unique selling point is the ability to analyse unusual situations and to offer solutions likely to resolve them. 
The main equipment includes 2 semi-anechoic chambers, 2 shielded rooms, controlled power sources of up to 0.8 megawatts, 2 climatic chambers, an area for IP tests, areas for EMC tests, areas for fault tests and an area for tests on insulation materials. 

The laboratories are located respectively at Corso Spagna, 12 (Electromagnetic Compatibility laboratory) and at Corso Stati Uniti, 4 (laboratories for Electrical Safety and Renewable Energies), covering a total surface area of 1600 square metres. Both sites have modern, controlled environments with annexed logistics area for movement and storage of goods.