The Kiwa Group

Partner for Progress

Following the acquisition in October 2020, CREI Ven is a member of the Kiwa Italia Group. Kiwa is one of the global leaders in Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC). With a portfolio of services dedicated to more than 15 different sectors, Kiwa creates trust in products, services, processes, systems and professional skills of the entire market, employing around 5,000 people in more than 100 offices in over 40 countries worldwide, mainly in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Kiwa is an impartial and innovative partner whose aim is to create long-term relationships based on tangible professionalism. All this is possible by analysing, inspecting and certifying the products, processes, management systems and skills of professionals.

Kiwa’s mission is to contribute to the development of increasingly reliable, safe, efficient and sustainable organizations with highly qualified products, processes, systems and employees. For this reason it works alongside several sectors, offering a wide service portfolio in order to contribute to improving companies and people, developing products, processes, supporting innovation and development.

Our facility has laboratories for Electromagnetic Compatibility, Electrical Safety and for Renewable Energies, equipped to carry out measurements of conformity with European directives and international technical standards, staffed with high-level personnel whose experience spans several decades, and with an organisation able to ensure that activities are carried out within previously agreed timescales. Its unique selling point is the ability to analyse unusual situations and to offer solutions likely to resolve them. 
The main equipment includes 2 semi-anechoic chambers, 2 shielded rooms, controlled power sources of up to 0.8 megawatts, 2 climatic chambers, an area for IP tests, areas for EMC tests, areas for fault tests and an area for tests on insulation materials. 

The laboratories are located respectively at Corso Spagna, 12 (Electromagnetic Compatibility laboratory) and at Corso Stati Uniti, 4 (laboratories for Electrical Safety and Renewable Energies), covering a total surface area of 1600 square metres. Both sites have modern, controlled environments with annexed logistics area for movement and storage of goods.

Research & Development

Crei-Ven’s activities

CREI Venoperates within Europe by carrying out activities associated with scientificand technological research and technical experimentation, and updatingactivities in the fields of industrial electronics, electromechanics andautomation.
At the request of companies, it provides rapid and cost-effective solutionsthat can be applied immediately to specific technical problems.

CREI Ven can also participate as a research partner in projectssupported by the European Union, which aim to increase the competitiveness ofEuropean industry.

Thanks to the continued and profitable collaboration with various universityresearch groups, CREI Ven is a research laboratory of the highest level,one of the few laboratories at a national and international level that is alsoopen to activities of a scientific nature.


History of the centre

Founded in 1995 as a non-profit-making privateconsortium by a group of leading companies in the Italian Veneto region, CREIVen benefited from the start from active collaboration with PaduaUniversity. 


In 1997, once the start-up phase under private management was over,the corporate structure was enhanced further by the addition of the PaduaChamber of Commerce and the Padua Research Consortium, and the company became apublic-private mixed consortium. 

At the end of 2002 the corporate change was completed, becoming a limited liability consortium company, with the name CREI Ven - Centro Ricerca Elettronica Industriale Veneto S.c.a.r.l., maintaining the characteristics of the company until October 2020, when the Kiwa Italia group took over the majority share of the laboratory.


CREI Ven stillrepresents today one of the few and most accomplished models of a consortiumthat thrives on the interaction and collaboration between companies anduniversities. We benefit from our collaborations with Padua University, withthe Galileo Science and Technology Park, with local research bodies and withcertifying bodies.


We have the knowledge, skills and tools required toprovide global solutions to meet your needs for innovation, from research anddevelopment to product certification.

We can support and strengthen the work of your teams at all stages of productdevelopment, to identify and remedy critical aspects during the planning stage,to identify and understand the applicable regulations and evolving standards, andto help you optimise timelines and costs.