History of the centre

Founded in 1995 as a non-profit-making privateconsortium by a group of leading companies in the Italian Veneto region, CREIVen benefited from the start from active collaboration with PaduaUniversity. 


In 1997, once the start-up phase under private management was over,the corporate structure was enhanced further by the addition of the PaduaChamber of Commerce and the Padua Research Consortium, and the company became apublic-private mixed consortium. 

At the end of 2002 the corporate change was completed, becoming a limited liability consortium company, with the name CREI Ven - Centro Ricerca Elettronica Industriale Veneto S.c.a.r.l., maintaining the characteristics of the company until October 2020, when the Kiwa Italia group took over the majority share of the laboratory.


CREI Ven stillrepresents today one of the few and most accomplished models of a consortiumthat thrives on the interaction and collaboration between companies anduniversities. We benefit from our collaborations with Padua University, withthe Galileo Science and Technology Park, with local research bodies and withcertifying bodies.


We have the knowledge, skills and tools required toprovide global solutions to meet your needs for innovation, from research anddevelopment to product certification.

We can support and strengthen the work of your teams at all stages of productdevelopment, to identify and remedy critical aspects during the planning stage,to identify and understand the applicable regulations and evolving standards, andto help you optimise timelines and costs.